Sunday, March 28, 2010

"La Repubblica" article

Sono in un giornale italiano! Eccellente!

Recently Italian writer Anna Lombardi, who writes for Roman paper "La Repubblica," interviewed me along with some of my studiomates in Brooklyn (via Dean Haspiel) concerning the New York comic scene. Most the artists in the article are also featured on the website Graphic NYC, which profiles working comic artists along with living legends. Chris Irving (my studiomate) does the interviews and the talented photographer Seth Kushner takes the portraits.

Here's what Anna wrote about me, courtesy of Google Translate...

"Laura Lee Gulledge, however: 30 years, newcomer of the group, is finishing his first novel, Paige, (self-) portrait of a provincial landed in New York. "A stroke of fortuna.Sono went to a blind date with this guy and to break the ice I showed him my drawings, without asking him what he did. Between us the spark is not taken, but a month later he called me a publishing house. That boy was the art director. And two months later I had a contract. "

Unfortunately, Anna got most of the information about me WRONG! Besides the name of my book being incorrect, I do NOT show my artwork to break the ice on dates, the art director and I didn't talk about a possible project until 7 months later (not 1), and then it was another 7 months before there was a contract (not 2). Making a 14 month process sound like 3 months sure makes it sound easier than it really was.

You can read the whole article "La città dei graphic novelist" online here. (I hope your Italian is buono) But if you just wanna see the pretty pretty pictures, click on these to see larger...

And here's a larger version of Seth's photo of me...

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Halfway Done Inking!

Click to see bigger...

Yes, the inking of my book has been going well! At the end of April I'll start scanning all 192 pages, doing some digital shading, and adding the lettering. Phew!

And here's a full page teaser, since you all are so wonderful. (This one is about creativity)


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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now the inking begins...

Yes, I've been spending a lot of time with myself...both literally and on paper! I've been busy plugging away, so far inking 40 pages already. I've only scanned a couple of them, so here is something to keep you entertained! They still need work (like lettering) but you get the idea. (Click to see full size)

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