Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Final Inking Style

I wanted to follow up on my previous blog entry showing sample inked pages for my book....so here's the style I've settled on! (Click to see larger)

I decided that in Paige's imagination NOT to use solid black, just sticking to greytones. And to use much more delicate outlines. And I'll be improving the font later of course.

2 inked pages down, 190 more to go!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Playing with Shading...

I've spent the past few days making sample pages for Page by Paige before I ink/ shade/ letter my final drawings...you know, since I'll be doing this for the next 4 months. (Click on the image to see a bigger size)

First I needed to figure out how to shade Paige's reality versus Paige's imaginary world since they're in two different styles. First I played around with a contrast between digital shading and pencil, which I didn't like...

I liked using ink washes instead. More depth, dreamier...

NEXT I did a couple pages from the first chapter that blend both Paige's worlds to see how they two styles look together...

FINALLY I did a couple more pages that were focused on depicting just one of Paige's worlds...and refined the speech bubbles and played with text...

It's been quite a humbling learning process, but as I keep seeing vast improvements (especially since my initial samples a year ago) I can't help but feel encouraged.

I know I need to make the font (made from my handwriting) thicker and easier to read, and I need to improve my drawings of hands, so besides that your feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly greatly appreciated! Please drop me a line.

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Penciling is done!

I finished drawing out "Page by Paige" in pencil! Hooray! Here's a picture that my art director Chad Beckerman took of me going through the drawings with my editor Maggie Lehrman in the Abrams office. Next I'll work on inking and shading all 190 pages...

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