Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paige is up for preorder! And other news...

Happy New Year!

So WHAT IS UP with that book I made last year? Here's the skinny...

Pre-production galley copies of Page by Paige are being sent out to bookstores and such, and I've already been getting really great feedback and some glowing reviews. (Thank you!) I only have a few copies myself, so alas I have none to give away...

It's now on the Abrams website, available for PRESALE! $10, comes out May 1st.

Pssst--On the Abrams page you can "like" my book on Facebook. Please do!

I was featured as an Indie highlight on PREVIEWS, an influential comic trade site. This is really amazing that they even chose me, the totally unknown author!

And how crazy is it that I discover someone else has made a TRAILER for my book? What?! Watching this was all sorts of surreal. Now I need to get moving on making my OWN trailer!

Currently Reading: Delirium by Lauren Oliver