Thursday, July 19, 2012

Recap from San Diego Comic Con

I am finally back at my desk here in Brooklyn, what a whirlwind! Here's my SDCC recap...
Let's see...on Kids Day (Sunday) I did a signing at the Abrams Table. Everyone was so supportive!
I gave out my Paige inspired easter eggs to folks, and dropped some in the bags of people walking by. It included some of my Mermaid Parade glitter from a few weeks ago.
 I was up for an Eisner Award, which I didn't win. But honestly, I didn't care because I felt so honored to be there in the first place! I was definitely battling a Wayne's World style "I'm not worthy" complex.
Abrams had our own table! My publicist Mary Ann was a fabulous partner in crime for the evening.
There were many amazing presenters, but the geek in me was especially excited to see Battlestar Galactica actors Tricia Helfer and Michael Trucco!  (I've actually hosted a couple BSG themed events in the past...)
I finally got to meet some folks who I really admire, such as new Eisner winner for Best Artist/ Writer Craig Thompson! I mentioned his book latest book Habibi a few months back.
 And amazing female-empowering comic historian/ artist/ writer Trina Robbins!
And I crossed paths with some NY comic friends, such as Smile writer/artist Raina Telgemeier.
And fellow Jugs & Capes member Colleen AF Venable, who was also nominated for an Eisner Award! (For Best Publication for Kids) Here we're holding "Izzy," my fake Eisner award/ swiped coconut centerpiece.
 And I was excited to see my former studiomate Reilly Brown who had a table in Artist Alley.
And I must give a shout out to Adrienne Lombardo and the New York Jedis. Jedi photo bomb!
What about the convention itself? Well, I went to some great panels, a Tr!ckster workshop,gaped at many fabulous costumes, and had some zany adventures. I've posted ALL my pics on Flickr.

 My constant traveling companion Mr Duck came along, and he made many new friends.
To see all of Mr Duck's pics, click here!

It was a professional goal of mine to make it out to SDCC, so I am very thankful I was able to make it happen. I'm so lucky that I get to be a part of this community! Thank you everyone for your continued support, especially now that I'm delving back into "hermit mode" here in my studio. After seeing so many inspiring artists there, I am determined to make Will & Whit as amazing as possible!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Will & Whit: In the Studio

I've been working the past four months on producing my second graphic novel Will & Whit, so I thought I'd share some pics from behind the scenes so far! 

Here is my messy studio, which is in the second bedroom of my apartment. Which means I can go DAYS without leaving the house!  I admit I've been a total eccentric hermit through this whole process, so my apologies to all folks I have not been able to hang out with while I've been spending all my time living under a rock.
The view from my studio window...

Rory is my constant companion (heh, companion) in the studio. He makes the isolation much more tolerable!  He's sneakily distracting ALL the time.

On my computer I have HUNDREDS of reference photos I've taken to use as reference for penciling out characters. These pics are mostly of my hands since hands give me so much trouble. HANDS.

I'm in the reference photos a lot as well. Sometimes wearing curlers! 

 Once I've finished polishing out all these penciled pages, I'll definitely post some samples. My new characters are so much fun to draw and I can't wait to share them!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Diego Comic Con: NEXT WEEK!

Next week I'm going to SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!

I am SUPER EXCITED for many reasons...
1. This will be my FIRST TIME going to this convention, which is the biggest one in the country! (There will be something like 130,000 people attending.) So if you are planning on going, please drop me a line.

2. I'm up for an EISNER AWARD for Best Lettering, and the ceremony will be held on Friday! Talk about feeling like a true comics professional! Award presenters include British talk show host/ comics author Jonathan Ross; author George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones); The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, etc, etc.

3. I'll be doing a BOOK SIGNING of Page by Paige at the ABRAMS TABLE on Sunday July 15th (Kids day) 11:30am - Noon. Here's a map! It's table #1216, amid the chaos. Please come by!

4.  My ARTNER Lauren Larken is coming down from Oakland, so I get to spend some quality time with her at the beach. And let's face it, I've been working 7 days a week over here in my studio. I can use some relaxation!

5. My favorite traveling companion Mr Duck is coming with me! He's been itching to hit the road again. I'm thinking of making him a costume. Suggestions?

Did I mention that I'm excited?!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Harvey Award Nominations!

 I'm nominated for the HARVEY AWARDS!!!

In FIVE--yes, five--CATEGORIES!
Best Promising New Talent, Original Graphic Novel, Writing, Inking, & Lettering.
 OMG! What an honor! Exclamation Points!!! I am way way way humbled, especially for a debut graphic novel. I feel so lucky I got a chance to make Page by Paige in the first place!

The categories are now voted on by comic professionals (Vote for me!) until August 17th and then the winners will be revealed at a ceremony at Baltimore Comic Con in September. Fingers crossed!

 This really is great motivation for me to keep my nose to the grindstone, since I'm reaching the end of penciling Will & Whit, which is the really difficult part of the whole production process for me. 
But more on THAT next week...

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