Thursday, October 18, 2012

Comics Quickfire!

In case you missed it at NYCC this year, 
here's the recap from the COMICS QUICKFIRE!

Our hosts were Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy) and Gregg Schigiel (Stuff Said Podcast).  Featured artists included myself along with Ryan Sias (Zoe & Robot), Mark Siegel (Sailor Twain), and John Green (Teen Boat).  Plus, a couple brave volunteers from the audience joined us on stage! 

We divided into two teams and  drew a 4-panel comic inspired by suggestions from the crowd. Okay, at first I was intimidated by drawing live in front of a big audience, but then you forget because you've just gotta draw FAST.

Dave and Greg translate our squiggles to the audience...

Here's the finished comic from our team: "Phoenix Rising!" It features giant cheese attacking Paris, and a surprising friendship between elephant and mouse.

 And here's the other team's comic about the battle between waffle and syrup. They might have won the most applause, but, hey, it's hard to draw anything in just 60 seconds!

At the end was the EPIC DRAW, which featured 15 elements suggested by the audience and drawn in just a few minutes by all of us in a flurry of markers.  The zombie about to eat Big Bird wearing platforms? Oh yeah, that section's mine.
This was a blast! Thanks everyone who came and cheered us on. And if you'd like to see pics from the last Comics Quickfire, check out my post from last year's Brooklyn Book Festival with Dave & Raina.
  (Photos by Me, Matt & Dave. And I swiped the header drawing from Dave.)

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