Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Comic Con Debut

This past weekend I made my premiere at NEW YORK COMIC CON!

Abrams rush-printed a bunch of galleys (a pre-publication version) of "Page by Paige" which I signed and gave out to visitors at the Abrams ComicArts Table.

Firstly, I was simply ecstatic to see the book in printed form. To hold it, flip through it...I couldn't believe I made an actual book. A REAL BOOK. I've been wanting this for years, so it took a moment to sink in...

Then I couldn't believe the positive feedback from people! It was so very encouraging. Here's a picture of me with my art director Chad Beckerman and my editor Maggie Lehrman...

The title is actually misspelled on the title page (oopsie!) so as I signed each copy I corrected it with a grin. Yup, this is definitely MY book.

And THEN to top it off I'm mentioned (with a photo!) in a Publishers Weekly article about kids comics at NYCC. I can tell this is the beginning of what is sure to be an interesting journey...

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