Monday, June 6, 2011

WORD drawings @ WORD Books

This weekend I held my last scheduled workshop for the summer, at WORD Books! (I'll be lining up more events in the Fall) In the spirit of the space I decided it would be appropriate to make drawings out of WORDS.

It was a very art therapy sort of lesson, and since we were a small group we were able to get more personal which was nice. First I shared different ways that I've used text in my artwork and in "Page by Paige," especially as a way to articulate inner fears.

Then we shared the negative things that we each tell ourselves, named the underlying fears, and decided what positive phrase we could ingrain in our head to override the original negative one. Then we made drawings out of the new words, because drawing it/writing it can help new ideas stick in our head.

Since these were all pretty personal I'll just share mine rather than everyone's! My inner fear was that I am a fraud, that people will discover that I'm not that cool or talented or clever and that my graphic novel was a fluke. So the positive phrase I need to "reprogram" in my head is that "I have something to offer."

And congrats Daniel and Annie for winning a copy of my "Be a Revelationary" poster!

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