Saturday, June 25, 2011

New comic characters! And new kitty!

I've been scheming up a BRAND NEW YOUNG ADULT GRAPHIC NOVEL! And it's with a totally new cast of characters! I first met my new main character when I doodled this in my sketchbook ages ago...

It's taken me a year and a half to get to know her, and I only just began to work on her friends. They're all brand new and still evolving, so who knows how they will transform as I work on writing out the story.

Short for Willemena, named after my great grandmother. She makes lamps out of found objects and has an old-fashioned steampunk tinged style. You can see I'm playing around with her hair, whether to have it looser or done more tightly braided. She represents a side of my personality just like Paige does, so there's some physical continuity with her strawberry blonde hair and freckles. Oh, and her shadows are alive.


She is Willy's best friend, from an Indian-American family. She makes rad puppets.

He completes this trio of longtime friends. He's sweet natured and into cooking.

She is Noah's little sister. She's a little tweeny hipster who idolizes Noah's friends.

Now it's time to hammer out the plot for these characters! If you have feedback on these characters, I'd love to hear it! Please comment or shoot me an email: lauraleegulledge@gmail.

And speaking of new characters...
I've adopted a kitten! His name is Rory, AKA Roary like a lion cub. (the name is also in reference to a Doctor Who character) He was found a few blocks from where I live here in Brooklyn, and we're guessing he's about 6 months old. He's a real life party cat! He sleeps on his back like this all the time, it's waaay too cute.

Currently Reading: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

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  1. I like your characters from paige by page, but I'm also liking these new ones... their personalities and interests seem tempting to hear more about. I hope your book goes well!

    From your fellow fan from your signing and presentation at the Great Neck Library!

    P.S. The book inspired me to start my own sketchbook and I'm doing lots of still lifes. Thanks for the inspiration, drawing just makes me feel so joyous and happy. Can't wait to read the next book, I wish I could time travel right into the future to read it!!!!