Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MoCCA Fest Recap

How was my MoCCA? It was GREAT!

I started out at the Drink & Draw Like a Lady event at 192 Books, hosted by Raina Telgemeier. It was GIRLS ONLY!  I feel lucky to go to events like this, where you see so much female comic talent in one room, because they make you forget that women creators are such a minority in comics as a whole. (Women such as Jennifer Hayden, with me below.)
 *Pic by Marion Vitus
Page by Paige debuted last year at MoCCA, but this year was my first time behind my very own table. I had a bunch of new awesome folks and sent lots of books and ART to good new homes. (including my editor Maggie Lehrman) Thank you, everyone who came by my table, I felt so very loved!
*Photo by Andrea Sparacio

*Photo by Seth Kushner
Jugs & Capes represent!
*Pic by Andrea Sparacio
I was also super excited about having stuff to trade with other exhibitors, like Shannon Wheeler and Casey Girard...
 The afterparty (featuring a performance by Daniel Johnston and launch of the Harvey Pekar's Cleveland) was utterly PACKED.  So many fun nerds in one room! I had fun getting into trouble with the Brooklyn and Trip City kids.
*Photo by Jeff Newelt 

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