Thursday, June 27, 2013

Report from Heroes Con

A couple weeks ago I attended HEROES CON in Charlotte, North Carolina!

I shared a table with illustrator Sara Woolley who also made the trip down South from Brooklyn. We made a good team: she focused more on commissions whereas I focused on hawking my books to new readers. Oh and I finally got to use my new Square reader on my smart phone (Well, when I had a bar of phone signal...) to accept credit cards! Hello future, here I come.

 We had a nice spot right in Indie Island in the center of the floor, next to the ever-entertaining creators of Once Upon a Time Machine who run a comic book store/gallery/small press in Philadelphia called Locust Moon.

I got to be on a great young adult graphic novel panel with Chris Schweizer (Crogan’s Adventures), Maris Wicks (Primates), and Jim Ottavani (Two Fisted Science)! It was moderated by my awesome car-pool-companion Christopher Irving.

Hey look, here's a quick commission I made of Will and Emmet!

What else? Let's see....There was karaoke.

And late night debauchery.
There was swimming.

And there were....zombie Storm Troopers!

By the end of the weekend, man was I was pooped.

It was a fun show, but the crowds were not as big as we expected. (There was terrible stormy weather that weekend which probably had something to do with it.) Financially it wasn't quite profitable enough to validate my travel expenses, but I did make some great new contacts and sold a lot of books nevertheless!  The show overall was as well organized as its reputation led me to believe, and it was definitely nice to be back down South where everyone is just so darn nice.  Hopefully when I can afford it or when I live closer down the road I can swing tabling at this show again.

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