Monday, September 5, 2011

Now available for SCHOOL VISITS

I am officially available for hire to give school presentations, lead creative workshops, and design/collaborate on murals!

You can see the specifics on my website, but here's the jist of it...

I open by playing the video trailer for Page by Paige, introducing myself, and introducing my graphic novel. I briefly run through my journey from nerdy student to teacher to artist, accompanied by embarrassing photos. I bring one of my sketchbooks, which were the core of my artistic development, to share in person. I run through my creative process of turning a raw emotion into a metaphorical drawing through visuals that show each step.

I discuss my unexpected discovery of graphic novels. I share my early attempts at sequential storytelling, show how my visual style evolved, and what I struggled with. (Like drawing hands!) I explain my intention in making Page by Paige, which was to share how creative expression can teach life lessons and encourage self discovery as it did for me.

Students receive artistic licenses and sign fun permission slips. Then a few student volunteers participate in a live reading of a excerpt from Page by Paige accompanied by the corresponding comic panels. I wrap up by answering questions from the students. In addition...
Students also get a Paige-inspired sketchbook activity guide, teachers will receive a Page by Paige discussion guide, I will create a Paige-inspired chalk drawing in front of the school during my visit, and a signed copy of Page by Paige will be donated to the school library.

With smaller groups I can do workshops rather than or in combination with a presentation. These are designed to promote introspection and reflection through creativity rather than technical production skills:
The Art of Sketchbooks: Students either learn how to make their own sketchbook or simply try one of my go-to sketchbook activities.
Mirror Self Portraits:
Students reveal who they really see when they look in the mirror by drawing on actual mirrors with wax pencils.
Reprogram Yourself Self Portraits:
Students work on changing one of their own perceptions of themselves by creating a drawing completely out of words.
How are You? Self Portraits:
Students will identify some of THEIR own personal symbols so they can draw a simple self portrait using their own metaphor.

I can draw a mural out for your school and paint it personally, or simply design it with the intention for the students to paint it collaboratively. Fee would depend on size, complexity, and time frame to execute. I have extensive experience doing large scale painting from working as a freelance muralist/scenic painter since 2004. (Portfolio here)

If you have any questions or if you are interested in bringing me to your school, please send me an email:

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