Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Specials: Books & Prints for sale!

Please help support me as I start my second book by 
Purchasing a copy of Page by Paige!  

The holiday special:
**Inside each book is a sticker, fun permission slip, and artistic license.
**I'll sign each book and personalize it for the recipient with a little doodle.
**Please order by December 15th to receive before Christmas.
**FREE GIFT WRAPPING upon request! (non-denominational)

Buy Page by Paige:
Paperback or Hardcover?
Need free giftwrap?
Who to inscribe the book to?
(Shipping just in the US, sorry)
Here are all the different prints I have in stock for $12! They're on nice watercolor paper, signed, and mailed safely in a packing tube. Heres a photo of the "Brooklyn Sky" print to give you an idea of scale.

Buy a Large Print:
Which artwork?

Here are the other pieces that are available! (Click to see larger) Be warned, quantities are limited.

There's also a smaller sized print of my "Let's Make Rainbows" drawing that's available for $5!
Buy a Small Print:
Which Artwork?
(Shipping just in the US, sorry)

*I also have products available on SOCIETY6!*
There are Ipod & laptop skins and such. These are items that  THEY print and I get a small percentage from, so I don't have these items on hand myself.

*And ORIGINAL DRAWINGS are available!*
Original illustrations/drawings/paintings are up for grabs as well as original pages from Page by Paige. Just email me about which one you are interested in! My prices are quite reasonable. ($30-150 plus shipping)

{PS--I just made these paypal buttons and I'm not very savvy with this sort of thing, so I apologize in advance if I hit an unanticipated snag!!}


  1. I'm trying to order, but the pay pal button isn't working - can you try to fix it or suggest another way to contact you (it just links to my own account)

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry about that!! I've re-inserted the code but it's still not working for some frustrating reason, but you it works fine through my other blog!

    Or you can go thru my website: