Monday, July 9, 2012

Will & Whit: In the Studio

I've been working the past four months on producing my second graphic novel Will & Whit, so I thought I'd share some pics from behind the scenes so far! 

Here is my messy studio, which is in the second bedroom of my apartment. Which means I can go DAYS without leaving the house!  I admit I've been a total eccentric hermit through this whole process, so my apologies to all folks I have not been able to hang out with while I've been spending all my time living under a rock.
The view from my studio window...

Rory is my constant companion (heh, companion) in the studio. He makes the isolation much more tolerable!  He's sneakily distracting ALL the time.

On my computer I have HUNDREDS of reference photos I've taken to use as reference for penciling out characters. These pics are mostly of my hands since hands give me so much trouble. HANDS.

I'm in the reference photos a lot as well. Sometimes wearing curlers! 

 Once I've finished polishing out all these penciled pages, I'll definitely post some samples. My new characters are so much fun to draw and I can't wait to share them!

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