Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Harvey Award Nominations!

 I'm nominated for the HARVEY AWARDS!!!

In FIVE--yes, five--CATEGORIES!
Best Promising New Talent, Original Graphic Novel, Writing, Inking, & Lettering.
 OMG! What an honor! Exclamation Points!!! I am way way way humbled, especially for a debut graphic novel. I feel so lucky I got a chance to make Page by Paige in the first place!

The categories are now voted on by comic professionals (Vote for me!) until August 17th and then the winners will be revealed at a ceremony at Baltimore Comic Con in September. Fingers crossed!

 This really is great motivation for me to keep my nose to the grindstone, since I'm reaching the end of penciling Will & Whit, which is the really difficult part of the whole production process for me. 
But more on THAT next week...

Currently Listening: Just finishing up all 7 Harry Potter audiobooks. Yet AGAIN.

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