Thursday, April 14, 2011

Debut at MOCCA Fest!

"Page by Paige" premiered at the MOCCA Fest this past weekend here in New York!

The Abrams table was in a prime location right by the front entrance.

While signing the books I doodled picture frames, birds, and tulips inside the front cover. Everyone who came by was super kind and complimentary!

A couple of the Abrams folks would be holding up my book to get the attention of the passing people. (Doesn't he look thrilled?! Haha...)

I got to sign books next to the legendary Jerry Robinson, who was the creator of the Joker! He was there promoting his new book, "Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics."

I also got to sit with Michael Uslan who is known for producing the Batman films. He also writes Archie, so was there promoting his new book "Archie Marries..."

We sold all the copies of "Page by Paige" but ONE! Hooray! The Abrams team really did a great job.

And I just had to share this photo of Kurt and I taken by Andrea Sparacio. Because comics couples are cute.

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