Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You've got mail!

Five and a half years ago while living in an old motel room in Virginia, I decided that my art needed to be published somehow as a book. But I thought it would resemble something like Sabrina Ward Harrison or Maira Kalman's illustrative books...the term graphic novel was not even in my vocabulary.

Flash forward to now, where I am living in Brooklyn and receiving two boxes in the mail from the printer with copies of Page by Paige. MY BOOK.

These are the paperbacks...

And the hardcover version...

When I picked up the first one and opened it up, I just started to cry. Because it finally sunk in that this was for-real-no-joke-actually happening. This was my book!

I love how it looks without the dust jacket...

And how can YOU get your hands on a copy? Well, it comes out on MAY 1st so you can either preorder it on a site like Amazon or come to one of my upcoming events. Details to come!

Currently reading: Potential by Ariel Schrag


  1. how absolutely wonderful!
    i was going to get the paperback, but having seen how lovely the hardback is, i've changed my mind :)
    now just need to be patient for them to come over to the UK... *sigh*

  2. I worked on Saturday(in Soho) and came out to find a bright pink egg on my windshield. How eggstroadinary, I thought. I have to admit, at first I was a bit skeptical, that perhaps it was a nasty prank. So, I brought it home and opened it at dinner with my family. It was very eggciting to see the nice little goodies tucked inside.
    Thank you for my very first Easter egg(I am Jewish).It was eggstra special!