Monday, April 11, 2011

My first wheat paste

A couple years ago I hung up some street art under the name Karat (brass etchings!) and I've been meaning to get back into it. I thought I'd start by hanging up drawings with wheat paste, especially since the main character in "Page by Paige" embarks on doing wheat pastes herself!

I made an altered vision chart which is actually to scale so you CAN use it to check your vision. I made it for Kurt, it reads: "I do see you love adore cherish I'm sorry the fears sometimes interfere Remember our hears unwavering I trust you to see me too."

I hung it directly across the street from our stoop so we could see it when we're coming and going.

Unfortunately I made the paste in a rather slap-dash fashion, so it ended up not taking to the wall. Ack! Now I'm remaking the paste (more attentively this time) and I'll be testing it out some more.

I have a bunch of other wheat pastes and etchings ready to hang, so there will be lots of pics of street art coming!

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