Sunday, October 23, 2011

Drawings about not drawing

In recent months, between working on the Christmas windows 6 days a week and other things like New York Comic Con, there has been no time to make any of my personal self-art-therapy drawings. But here are a few fast drawings I managed to crank out this week...all about NOT HAVING TIME TO DRAW. (Click image to see larger)

In this drawing I am quietly imploding. A side effect of not having my creative outlet. (I drew this at my table at Comic Con)There's so much I have not been saying because there just hasn't been time to get into it. (Usually my art helps with this problem) Sometimes it's easier to lie and act like everything is fine, because it's just too exhausting to open up about it with people.
When I get drawing ideas I need to make them right away, because if I let the idea sit around too long then I lose the desire to create it. So when there is no time to draw them, they end up just getting tossed out. Which makes me sad.

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