Monday, October 17, 2011

Scribble Press Gust Judge

I'm the guest judge this month for Scribble Press!

It's a fun studio (located in NY & LA) where kids can write, draw, and post their own original e-books. Each month they have a Faber-Castell Scribble Your Story contest where children submit their books for a prize package of art supplies. I was given the five finalist books to choose from, and it was really difficult to chose a winner! They were all so adorable, but I ended up picking "My Little Unicorn" by Sadie as the winner! (You can read it online)

Here's my review of "My Little Unicorn"...
I love tales with journeys and quests, so I was immediately drawn into “My Little Unicorn.” The unicorn travels through different lands, picking up other animal friends along the way. They are all different and looking for where they fit in, which is something that I think everyone can relate to. Because everyone feels like they don’t belong sometimes! In the story the characters include a unicorn who has a rainbow tail, the skunk who is albino, and the redbird who is blue. Even though they see themselves as “wrong” because they are colored differently than everyone else, I think they are each more unique and beautiful because they are different. What could be more fun than a unicorn with a rainbow tail?? The drawings themselves were very colorful, vibrant, and fun to look at. My favorite drawing was on the second page with the green trees and flowers. The unicorn in the center of the page really pops! Sadie should be really proud; she did a great job with this book.

Congrats, Sadie!

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