Thursday, October 27, 2011

My apartment is in Time Out!

My apartment is featured in the current issue if TIME OUT NEW YORK!

Kurt and I are absurdly ridiculous in this! With the rainbow colors, the awful haircut I had just given Kurt before this photo was taken, and how they play up our romance, this article definitely makes me smile. How did we get in? I simply emailed them after seeing a blurb in the magazine asking people with cool apartments to contact them. I said, "I have a fun apartment! Here are some photos!" Easy peasy.

Here it is in the print magazine...

Then when you go online, you can see us on the main page for Time Out NYC! That's just crazy.

And when you click on the story there are DOZENS of photos in the gallery capturing everything from our cat to the shower curtain to our matching tattoos. With lots of info on all our stuff and lots of shout outs.

And finally they include some stores we recommend...

Love the look? Get it here!

Desert Island
(540 Metropolitan Ave between Union Ave and Lorimer St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-388-5087,
“It’s great for random artwork,” enthuses Christenson. “It’s a comic-book store, but they sell all sorts of prints from Adrian Tomine, Peter Bagge and Charles Burns.”

Dick Blick Art Materials (1-5 Bond St between Broadway and Lafayette St; 212-533-2444,
The artsy couple purchases the majority of their frames and art supplies from this bi-level resource. “Most art stores in this city let me down because I’m always looking for random supplies—from airbrush paint to cheap picture frames,” says Gulledge. “But Dick Blick is always organized and always has what I’m looking for. Plus, the staff is lovely.”

Junk (197 North 9th St between Bedford and Driggs Aves, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 212-260-1851,
“The title says it all,” states Christenson. “A lot of places would overcharge for something like a typewriter, but at Junk you could probably get it for $50, and it would look nice.”

Pearl River Mart (477 Broadway between Broome and Grand Sts; 212-431-4770,
“You can get things to help fill up space for not a lot of money,” notes Gulledge of this Soho staple for festive, stylish Asian decor. “It’s the best bang for your buck.”


  1. You, indeed, have a fun apartment. The playful mixture of different cool colors can ease one's sadness away. Congrats on getting your apartment included in the mag!

    Isreal Ayele

  2. How fortunate of the magazine! Judging by the picture, it looks clean and well-organized. Not to mention the Playbill-like pose you and Kurt did in the picture, LOL. You guys deserve it! Congratulations!

    Debera Schiraldi