Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NY Comic Con Recap

Here's the recap from my first Artist Alley table at New York Comic Con!

I got the table last minute because someone else cancelled, so I was thankful to even get a spot. I sat next to illustrator Elliot Hernandez, and was happy to get to know him and his lovely wife Tara over the three days of the convention.

I sold some drawings & prints but mostly I sold a TON of copies of Page by Paige. It was amazing how positive everyone was! A bunch of different people even walked up to my table who had already read my book and told me how much they enjoyed it. And I was randomly interviewed on the spot a bunch of times. It's just so surreal to see someone connecting to artwork I was making back in a motel room apartment back in Virginia when my art didn't belong anywhere and I was just pushing myself to keep drawing anyway. Crazy! Anyway...

I did some commissioned sketches, including an unusual request on a purse...

And Gowanus Pete made a guest appearance!
This is actually the costume I made for Kurt to use for promoting his new digital comic Power Play. (Yes, Kurt is inside the costume.) I'm thrilled with how it turned out, especially since I never sew anything.
Then on Sunday I signed books and did some live drawing at the Abrams booth!

Including a couple silly impromptu drawings for these lovely ladies...
Thank you everyone who stopped by my table, and those of you who have been supporting in spirit. I still can't believe I had a table at New York Comic Con!

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