Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Soundtrack

I like music. So in "Page by Paige" I decided to reference a lot of bands though the t-shirts my characters wear and the posters on their walls, giving the book a sort of soundtrack.

It features a lot of the music I was listening to while making the book, a heavy dosage of Brooklyn bands (since that's where the story is set), and then some bands whose names tied in with a scene. For example (click to see larger)...

Here the tree in the Sigur Ros poster in Paige's room turns into a real tree:

I couldn't help but insert a Badly Drawn Boy self-deprecating reference:

Grizzly Bear vs. Frightened Rabbit? That captures how Paige feels vulnerable in NYC:

Musicians who I'm personally friends with are are featured on flyers:

I like how these songs reflect the musical tastes of the different characters...
Scythian Empires - Andrew Bird
Summertime Clothes - Animal Collective
I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers
Everybodys Stalking - Badly Drawn Boy
Ibi Dreams of Pavement - Broken Social Scene
Golden Years - David Bowie
The Clockwise Witness - DeVotchKa
40 Day Dream - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes
Pavement Tune - The Frames
I'll Be Better - Francis and the Lights
Hannah - Freelance Whales
Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit
Southern Point - Grizzly Bear
Carpetbaggers - Jenny Lewis
Do You Wanna Touch Me - Joan Jett
Easy - Joanna Newsom
All my friend - LCD Soundsystem
Animal - Miike Snow
This Year - The Mountain Goats
Exo-Politics - Muse
Age Of Consent - New Order
Know - Nick Drake
Dancing with Myself - Nouvelle Vague
Better - Regina Spektor
Gobbledigook - Sigur Rós
Infinity Guitars - Sleigh Bells
I'm Waiting for the Man - The Velvet Underground
Cheated Hearts - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

These are mostly friends I met back in Virginia, but there are a few NYC kids...
Thankless - All Of Fifteen
Going Through Changes - Army Of Me
In Flight - Centric
Golden Days - The Damnwells
Gravity - The Dirty Dishes
Ten Ton Cheese - The Falsies
Take My Brothers - Justin Storer and the Working Effective
We Will Become Ourselves Reborn - Ki:Theory
Invite Them Up - Marcellus Hall
Rules of the Game - MoneyPenny
Sweat Nectar - Natti Vogel
Shine On - Navel
Soberano - New Madrid
The Other Side of Love 2 - Phoenix Noir
Purple Weather Girl - Samuel Stiles
Up Against Life - Small Town Workers
Broken Bottles - Sons of Bill
Something Face - Sun Domingo
Worst in Me - The Threads
Tide March - Thrum
Rearview - Travis Elliott

If you would like to DOWNLOAD THESE MIXES, go to and log in as me. (Please just don't mess with the account while you're in there!) My username is "" and password is "Paigelikesmusic."


  1. Sad. I couldn't get it to log in.

    I'm trying to download as much of this music as I can (I really, really love when authors put in obscure music references into their work), but some of it is hard to find!

    Thank you for creating such a fabulous graphic novel AND such fun soundtracks!

    ~Erin, Kansas City teen librarian

  2. I would love to download these mixes, but the account is not working for me. Is there a mediafire or something?

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