Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Reviews of "Page by Paige"

Now that "Page by Paige" has been out for a month (wow!), I thought I'd share the REVIEWS so far! Overall people have been very positive and encouraging, which as a first-time author makes me feel unbelievably grateful. So....THANK YOU!

“Gulledge's b&w illustrations are simple but well-suited to their subject matter; the work as a whole is a good-natured, optimistic portrait of a young woman evolving toward adulthood.”

"A sweet coming-of-age graphic novel about an artistic introvert. Paige’s sketches are soft and expressive, and Gulledge does an admirable job of providing insight into Paige’s musings, creating a very intimate ambiance for this well-fleshed-out character. The artist masterfully commands her piece, creating a cohesive and fluid work that cascade smoothly along. Teens are sure to relate to this wallflower who blooms—gloriously"

“Gulledge’s literal depictions of metaphors are quite beautiful, and the story is eminently relatable.”

“Page by page, ahem, we are treated to inventive layouts and designs as we get insightful glimpses into Paige’s conscious mind....Gulledge is an honest artist, laying out her fears and dreams out for all of us to examine...This comes highly recommend to people seeking something fresh and different.”

“I immediately wanted to find people around me to share the images. I can't wait to start giving this out as gifts or sharing it with teens that I know. Page by Paige is a wonderful debut by Gulledge and I certainly look forward to future work from her. “

“ The themes Gulledge tackles in the flowing text and the revealing illustrations are complex and mature. So while many teens will definitely relate to Paige's feelings of isolation, older readers will also find something to love about this imaginative tale.”

“The story is warm, charming and full of sugary sweetness, inspiration, trust and caring of friends, a budding relationship and tons of feel good moments... Gulledge (is) not afraid to take the readers on a visual stroll that is engaging and distracting at the same time, much like an amusement park...Not only for young readers and one I am sure will easily make it onto my personal “best of” list of 2011.”

“A funny, charming and very touching coming of age story. I loved Paige and I hope she has more of her story to tell.”

“This was a fun, quick read with enough depth to make me go back and re-read it again.”

“It’s astounding...This is a book that could only be done as a comic, and it makes full use of the medium.”

“Anyone who's ever felt like a fish out of water, anyone who's ever felt like they don't measure up, anyone who's ever felt alone will relate to Paige. She is so fully realized, with all of her teenage highs and lows, it makes you want to cheer when she ultimately works up the courage to share her art with the world.”

“I am a 30 year old, white male who enjoys metal music and mixed martial arts. Why the disclosure? Because I simply loved this book...I am honestly blown away with how much I enjoyed the artwork in the book, spending a lot of time staring at the same page, picking out all the little details.”
--AMAZON customer review: John

“I would rate this book five stars: I loved it.”
— SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL teen review: Madison (Age 12)

“ Her character seemed well developed and real, and the supporting characters also have very vibrant personalities.”
— SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL teen review: Katie (Age 16)

“If I could go back in time I would hand this book to my 16 year old self. Who would I become? Most definitely an Agent of Whimsy!!”
--GOODREADS review: Wendy

“The artwork is quite wonderful, and makes the book feel like you are reading a journal/sketchbook instead of a graphic novel written by an adult.”
--GOODREADS review: Matthew

“Laura Lee Gulledge is truly a talented artist....Just shows how important teaching kids how to express themselves is, because it can save them from bottling things up inside of them.”
--GOODREADS review: Kellee

“ This is an awesome graphic novel that I would recommend as a way to get those who draw to read.”
--GOODREADS review: Lori

“ Though the tale is written from a teenage female perspective, I still find myself (30-something male) able to relate to her trials and tribulations...Gulledge's work here flows like a song. “
--GOODREADS review: Kent

“I loved how Paige slowly coaxes herself out of her shell. Great themes of friendship and finding your own place in the world.”
--GOODREADS review: Kelly

“I loved how Paige's artistic explorations were reflected in the changing styles of the art in the book--inked and non-inked, panels and no panels, markery and watercolory--but they all fit together as the work of one artist's personality.
--GOODREADS review: Tessa

“Many interesting elements here, but most profoundly expressed are the insecurities of a creative, introspective young teenager, who is willing to face her fears and grow into the young, capable and honest artist she is meant to discover, becoming a friend to herself and to others along the way.”
--GOODREADS review: Teresa

“ Paige's head is filled with so many thoughts and doubts, in a way that I remember vividly from my own teen years, and the illustrations bring to life her emotions.”
--GOODREADS review: Joy

“DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Wait. I yelled that. Okay. Yes. I would yell this from the rooftops. You have kids that will absolutely love this!”
--GOODREADS review: Paul

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