Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Create: Your handwriting font

Before Page by Paige, I had only done hand lettering here and there before. And only a tiny bit at that. So for a project this daunting and with rounds of editing, I decided it would be easier to make a font out of my handwriting. But...HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!

Well...there are multiple websites online that allow to to make your own font, like Fontifier and Handfont for example. I ended up using YourFonts for the font you see in my graphic novel, and it cost $10 for a font. (Which I found was an average price.) I used it for my whole book...

It was pretty easy! First you go to their website and download a blank template.

You print out the template and following their guidelines you draw in your letters. I used pencil first and then went over in pen. Try to make the letters a consistent height and width so they will line up uniformly when you type them combined. Then you scan it, upload it on their website, and preview it for free before you have to pay. So if you don't like the preview, you can redraw out your letters.

I wanted mine to be perfect since I knew it'd be used in my book, so it actually took me three times to get it right...

Ta-da! I hope this was helpful.

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